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OpenGate provides varied gate access solutions for all situations, from private to public venues, including proprietary dongle technology for non-Wi-Fi access and options for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or 4G connectivity.


Choose Your Perfect OpenGate Product:

OpenGate Dongles

Patented technology, highly encrypted, ensures fast and secure access for gates and shutters as you approach. Simply stick the dongle into your car or motorcycle USB port—no remote control or phone needed.

OpenGate Light

Ideal for small setups, offering 4G cellular receiver + dongles for up to 15 users with automatic gate opening via a USB dongle.

OpenGate Mini

Designed for medium-sized properties, this option includes a 4G cellular receiver + dongles for up to 50 users, ensuring wider access control.

OpenGate Unlimited

For large properties or commercial areas, offering a 4G cellular receiver with an automatic gate opening option via USB dongle, without any user limit.

OpenGate Bluetooth

Perfect for locations without cellular reception, like underground parking lots, operating without a SIM card or dongles.

OpenGate WiFi

A versatile option that works seamlessly without dongles, ideal for environments with WiFi coverage.

Admin Interface

With every option, OpenGate provides a friendly and convenient admin interface, enabling easy access to add and manage users. Users gain the unparalleled advantage of a system that combines convenience, speed, and reliability, transforming the everyday action of entering or leaving a gated area into a smooth, hassle-free experience.


and Technical Specifications


Superior 4G Technology

Ensures uninterrupted service anywhere in the world.

Plug-and-Play Ease

User-friendly setup outshines complex alternatives.

24/7 Security

Offers continuous security and access, surpassing many competitors.

Enhanced Reception

Reliable gate operation in any location, be it remote or urban.

Top-Tier Data Protection

256-bit SSL encryption for industry-leading security.

Flexible User Management

No limits on user numbers, ideal for any property size.

Customizable Access Scheduling

Greater control over gate access.

Innovative Proximity Opening

Automatic gate opening as you approach, without manual interaction.


Choose OpenGate for Advanced Gate Access Solutions

Elevate your gate access experience with OpenGate. Embrace unmatched convenience and safety today. Install OpenGate and step into a world of seamless entry and security. Don’t wait—transform your access points now for a smarter, safer tomorrow. Choose OpenGate for reliability and peace of mind.